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1-location Camping-Caravaning includes the rent of a location free or bounded for one or two people, for a camper or a tent or a caravan, the parking lot for a vehicle and the access to the infrastructures of welcome(reception) and to the toilets.

2-locations are rented(praised) from 2:00 pm till 12:00 am the next day. Any departure beyond this period pulls(entails) the invoicing of an additional night.

3-The accommodations(hostings) include the rent for two to ten people according to the choice, of a Bengalese, a Mobile home or a holiday cottage(shelter), the parking lot for a vehicle (two for the holiday cottage(shelter) from ten to eighteen places(squares)), the water, the electricity, the gas and the access to the infrastructures of welcome(reception). Trailers are considered as an additional vehicle.

4-The accommodations(hostings) are rented(praised) from 16 hours on Saturdays till 10 hours next Saturday. Any departure beyond this period pulls(entails) the invoicing of an additional night.

According to availability and agreement of the campsite(camping) Huts the rents except(off) July and August can be made with free days of input-output.

5-The campsite(camping) Huts saves itself the access right in the campsite(camping) in quite ( s ) not planned additional person (s) ( s ) in the present Form of Reservation.

6-The early(anticipated) interruption or the reduction of time(weather) of a stay for reasons independent from the will of the campsite(camping) Huts gives the right to no refund(repayment).

7-The access to locations and to accommodations(hostings) is subjected(submitted) to the payment of the balance of the stay as well as to the deposit(warehouse) of a 30-euro pledge for locations and 200 euros for the accommodations(hostings). 500€ for the holiday cottage(shelter) Olivier and 1500€ for the holiday cottage(shelter) The Villa. A deposit(warehouse) from 60 euros to 150 euros according to the accommodation(hosting) is also asked for the possible Fixed price(Package) arrange accommodations(hostings).

8-The accommodations(hostings) are rented(praised) clean(appropriate) and equipped according to the available inventory in every rent. They must be returned in the same state at the risk of restraint of the deposit(warehouse) from 60 euros to 250 €. Also, any breakage, deterioration or failure to respect the internal rules been the object of a restraint on the amount of the pledge.

9-pledges accommodations(hostings) are restored the week following the departure of the Reserving subject to the good execution of the clauses of the present Form of Reservation.

10-Reserving Him(It) has to warn the campsite(camping) The Huts of any arrival after 8:00 pm. Where necessary, the reservation is cancelled and the accommodation(hosting) or the rented put back(handed) location. All the paid(poured) sums are then acquired for the benefit of the campsite(camping) Huts.

11-It is up to the Reserving to be correctly assured(insured) against the risks Holiday resort normally include in insurance contracts House.

12-The reservation of locations and accommodations(hostings) becomes effective only after payment of a deposit(advance) by Reserving him(it) and sending by the campsite(camping) The Huts of a letter of confirmation.

13 – The reservation in the campsite(camping) Huts is a firm commitment for which Reserving him(it) does not arrange a right to withdraw in application of the article L.121-21-8.

14-The balance of the stays, except(off) tourist tax, is to be settled(adjusted) at the latest 30 days before date planned of arrived.

15-In case of cancellation by Reserving him(it) the sums(naps) that he(it) will have overturned will be kept(preserved) by the campsite(camping) Huts. In case of cancellation by the campsite(camping) Huts, sums paid(poured) by Reserving him(it) will entirely be put back to him(her).

16-The animals of small sizes, except(off) classes I and II, in possession of a vaccination certificate and limited to one by rent are accepted. Those appearing as dangerous are refused; others must be kept on a lead in every case and are not admitted in the aquatic space and the playground children.

17-All Reserving them have to conform to the capacities(measures) of the Internal rules posted(shown) in the entrance(entry) and in the welcome(reception) of the campsite(camping) Huts.

18-The campsite(camping) Huts has 45 classified locations 4 Stars Tourism according to the prefectorial arrété 2011TC-52 freed(delivered) by the Prefecture of Ardèche 17-10-2011.

19-Médiation disputes of the consumption.

According to the capacities(measures) of the Code of the consumption concerning the  Process of mediation of the disputes of the consumption , the customer has the right to resort(turn) free of charge in the service of mediation proposed by the company(society)  SAS(AIRLOCK,SIEVE,AIRLOCKS) Campsite(Camping) Huts . The mediator consumer law so proposed is MEDICYS. This device(plan) of mediation can be joined(contacted) by electronic way: www.medicys.fr, or by mail way: MEDICYS – Center of mediation and amicable settlement of the bailiffs – 73 boulevard of Clichy, 75009 – PARIS(BETS).


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